realismo en GTA

Bug that gave life to GTA

The development of the game called “Race’n’Chase” (as well as many other online games, including Gclub casino) started in 1995. According to the idea of ​​the studio “DMA Design”, here the character moved around the locations on foot and could pass the missions as a police officer or a robber. However, the game concept turned out so boring that the testers almost fell asleep in the process. The development was suspended. The project remained at a standstill, and the studio started to think about closing it.

The turning point was the bug, associated with paving the way for the police: during the chase, they stopped going around the player and instead tried to drive right through him. Such psycho-cops instantly made the gameplay more driving, which the testers liked. The behavior of the police was polished, and the game received a new name: thus, “Grand Theft Auto” appeared in 1997. As for “DMA Design Limited”, it was bought out in 2002 and turned into “Rockstar North”.

Fighting is impossible without combo

Combo is an integral part of any modern fighting. Is there anything better than taking down a third of the enemy’s health with a series of juicy hits, playing something like “Mortal Kombat”? Few know, but we got such a great opportunity thanks to a game bug found in one of the ancestors of the genre – the game “Street Fighter 2”.

It showed up during the testing process of the bonus level, where the player is given a certain amount of time to break the car. As the producer of the project noted, if you find the right moment, you can “crack” the animation of attacks, striking a series of fast strikes. But the developers didn’t want to fix it, because, in their opinion, the reception was too difficult for the players to bother with it.

The game presentation took place in 1991. It became popular all over the world; the competitions on SF-2 started, and of course, the players noticed a cunning feature of animation that could be used to their advantage. After that, the creators of the fighting game have developed a special system of combo-hits. Thus, the common bug turned into a cult feature, which took central place in the fighting genre and hasn’t left it since.